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In This Issue: Blend Team, Brian Lagunas, Tess Ferrandez, Michael Crump, Jeremy Likness, John Papa, Pete Brown, Kunal Chowdhury, Charles Petzold, and Ollie Riches

Above The Fold:
Xaml TV: "Introducing Xaml TV"
Brian Lagunas
Windows 8: "10 Things you Probably Didn't know about Windows 8"
Michael Crump


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Introducing Xaml TV
I'm not 100% positive if the first mention I saw of this was a one-off comment or not, but Brian Lagunas had an idea of something to fill in a void and called it Xaml TV. It's much more than a comment now. We've got some cool folks agreeing to chat with us and the site is open for topic submittal. Watch for some other fun features as well, we think you'll like it!
Updated: Microsoft Expression Blend Preview for Silverlight 5
The Blend Team has announced an update of Expression Blend for SL5 with an expiration date of 6/30/13 and a go-live license... read the insatallation instructions and go for it
Bizzy Bees Step 5: Adding some bees to the mix (XNA Walkthrough)
Tess Ferrandez continues the XNA WP7 game series with this one creating the Bees part of Bizzy Bees... generating and drawing the bees
10 Things you Probably Didn't know about Windows 8
Michael Crump shares his top 10 of things he didn't know before Win 8 became his primary after-hours OS
.NET and Metro: The Windows Runtime and the CLR on Windows 8
Jeremy Likness discusses WinRT and .NET 4.5 with an eye toward understanding how closely the two work together
3 Quick JavaScript Tips for .NET Developers
John Papa gave an impromptu JS intro for .NET devs at DevConnections and is showing examples of the highpoints discussed: Namespaces, Functions, and Objects
XAML Tip: Setting Attached Properties from Code
Pete Brown responds to a reader question and shows how to set an attached property in code behind
How to Retrieve Contact Information in WP7 using the AddressChooser Task
Kunal Chowdhury follows up his post on saving contacts in WP7 with this one on retrieving contacts
The Animated Pie Slice in Windows 8
Charles Petzold took on a challenge of creating a pie-slice animation he had previously done in WPF now in Windows 8
faking data in WP7 and other .Net platforms
Ollie Riches gives a shout-out to and shows how to use it to fake data in your apps

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