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In This Issue: Jay Kimble, Sumit Dutta, Tess Ferrandez, Peter William Dongan, Senthil Kumar B, Dare Obasanjo , Frank La Vigne, Lee, David Rousset, Alex Bream, Joost van Schaik, Dhananjay Kumar, and Filip W.

Above The Fold:
Silverlight: "AutoScroller for Silverlight ScrollViewer"
Peter William Dongan
Metro/XAML: "Lives Tiles in XAML based Windows 8 Metro Application"
Dhananjay Kumar


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Metro Nuggets: Cloud-based File Contracts helper - UriBasedStorageFile
Jay Kimble implemented a class that is a read-only StorageFile that can be returned from a File Open Contract, and is looking for assistance in completing this... I'm sure we're going to be hearing more!
Part 75 - Windows Phone - FAS
In his 75th WP7 post, Sumit Dutta digs into Fast Application Switching including how to setup to debug tombstoning
Bizzy Bees Step 3: Adding flowers (XNA Walkthrough)
Tess Ferrandez' part 3 of her series on an XNA WP7 game is up, and is adding the 'players ... this thing is coming together pretty fast!
AutoScroller for Silverlight ScrollViewer
Peter William Dongan has a cool AutoScroller DLL up for our download... just play with the example on the page.. you'll want to grab the DLL and the source
The missing [NeutralResourceLanguage] attribute error in Windows Phone marketplace
Senthil Kumar B explains how to resolve a somewhat confusing error you may get when submitting a WP7 app to the marketplace
Bring single sign-on and SkyDrive to your Windows 8 apps with the Live SDK
Dare Obasanjo helps you get started with the Live SDK on Windows 8 by taking the mystery out of SSO with Microsoft accounts
Visual Studio 11 Power Tip #3: Creating an App
Frank La Vigne's 3rd part in his series follows the downloading of the bits and is all about building your first Metro app
Customizing GridView Items in Metro App
Lee demonstrates deriving from GridView and making some of the tiles double width by keying off of some of the sample data
HTML5 Gaming: building the core objects & handling collisions with EaselJS
Wow... hope you're playing along... David Rousset has the next episode in his HTML5 game going and he's got collisions going between game objects... cool running example too
Coexistence between Expression Blend 5 and Visual Studio 2011 Preview
Alex Bream peels back the onion on issues between Expression Blend 5 and VS11, and opening projects between them.
Instant language update in a Windows Phone 7 application using MVVM
Joost van Schaik demonstrates a slick localization solution in MVVM using a combination of MVVMLight and his own WP7NL library
Lives Tiles in XAML based Windows 8 Metro Application
Dhananjay Kumar digs into Live Tiles in Metro in a XAML-based app, showing not only updating the tile but also having info queued up to present in the tile
LINQ foreach iteration variable capturing and how it??s fixed in Visual Studio 11
Filip W shows a problem that was found with LINQ a while back that is happily now cleared up in VS11 ... give the code a dance yourself in both versions of VS

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