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In This Issue: Pontus Wittenmark, Jonathan Antoine, Timmy Kokke, Beth Massi, Kunal Chowdhury, Shawn Wildermuth, Sumit Dutta, Pam Keesey, Alex Golesh, Robby Ingebretsen, Kirupa Chinnathambi, WindowsPhoneGeek, and Ollie Riches.

Above The Fold:
LightSwitch: "Creating and Consuming LightSwitch OData Services"
Beth Massi
Blend/HTML/Metro: "Build HTML Metro style apps with Blend for Visual Studio 11 Beta"
Pam Keesey
Metro: "Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta - Quick tip: using sensors (Part 6/11)"
Alex Golesh
Silverlight: "Removing the 'Invalid Credentials... ' message from Bing Maps on WP7"
Ollie Riches


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

WinJS - how to use resources and do some globalization
Jonathan Antoine gets into WinJS resource system and demonstrates a globalization concept using it
10 tips on porting Silverlight apps to WinRT/Metro (Part 2)
Pontus Wittenmark has another set of tips for porting your app from Silverlight to W8 Metro... good list, and good external links as well
colorizing images using expression blend
Timmy Kokke shows his technique for colorizing images for WP7 with Expression Blend even without the use of the shaders he uses in WPF
Creating and Consuming LightSwitch OData Services
Beth Massi's latest LightSwitch post is is all about consuming OData services that LightSwitch exposes
How to Enable Call Waiting Service in WP7
Kunal Chowdhury details the not-so-obvious method of enabling and disabling call waiting on WP7 devices.
JavaScript for the C# Guy: Function Overloads
Shawn Wildermuth is doing some JS for C# dev posts... this one is on function overloads and whoa... they don't work like you would expect.
Part 64 - Windows Phone - MediaPlayer and Marketplace
Sumit Dutta's 64th entry is about interacting with the user prior to your app playing sound or adjusting volume
Build HTML Metro style apps with Blend for Visual Studio 11 Beta
Pam Keesey has a quick 'first look' at Blend as baked-into VS11 beta... in case you haven't already seen it... and hey, it's not just for C# anymore either!
Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta - Quick tip: using sensors (Part 6/11)
Alex Golesh's part 6 on W8 is a quick tip on using the sensors and the one he picked to discuss is the LightSensor
HTML Needs Custom Components (and What to Do About It)
Robby Ingebretsen talks about a couple solutions for organizing component libraries in HTML... the walkthru on QuickUI is informative and fast... worth the time
Creating a Horizontal CSS List Menu
Kirupa Chinnathambi already wrote about vertical CSS menus, now it's horizontal and making them look good too
Windows Phone App Development for Beginners #7 TextBlock control
7th in WindowsPhoneGeek's WP7 beginners series is this post on TextBlocks
Removing the 'Invalid Credentials... ' message from Bing Maps on WP7
Ollie Riches has a pretty cool use for Colin Eberhardt's linq-to-visual tree extension up removing not only the 'unable to contact server', but the 'invalid credentials' overlay in Bing Maps

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