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In This Issue: Senthil Kumar B, Tony Champion, Michael Washington, Jalpesh P. Vadgama, Christian Schormann and Pam Keesey, Diederik Krols, Dhananjay Kumar, Sumit Dutta, Charles Petzold, Rob Tiffany, Pratap Lakshman, WindowsPhoneGeek, and John Papa.

Above The Fold:
Pivot Viewer: "PivotViewer Basics : Custom Item Adorners"
Tony Champion
LightSwitch: "Creating a LightSwitch Business Type Extension"
Michael Washington
HTML5:: "Blend Tutorial Part 4: Create a Flexible Layout - Memory Game"
Christian Schormann and Pam Keesey


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

The Telerik OpenAccess ORM Team posted about their latest release: Telerik OpenAccess SDK – MVC 3, RAD data binding and more

From WindowsDevNews:

Windows Phone and PhoneGap ?? Article #14 ?? Detect Hardware back button press
In his 14th post in the series, Senthil Kumar B demonstrates grabbing the hardware backbutton and ask the user if they really meant to exit your app
PivotViewer Basics : Custom Item Adorners
In the last post in his current PivotViewer series, Tony Champion explains the ins and outs of Custom Item Adorners ... great explanation and a project to d/l
Creating a LightSwitch Business Type Extension
Michael Washington has up a tutorial on creating a Business Type Extension... he's creating a Customer Code that is a string with certain requirements on it
Number- New HTML5 Input type
Jalpesh P. Vadgama is apparently working on a series I just jumped into on new HTML5 input types... this time out he's talking about 'Number'
Blend Tutorial Part 4: Create a Flexible Layout - Memory Game
Christian Schormann and Pam Keesey continue their series in this part 4 on creating a flexible layout to allow functionality on different resolutions
Themebuilding in Silverlight
Diederik Krols demonstrates building a new theme from the resource dictionary you're now using
Clipboard API in Windows Phone
Dhananjay Kumar demonstrates how to use the clipboard API we got in the 7.5 version of WP7, and a good point to remember to avoid a Security Exception along the way
Part 52 - Windows Phone 7 - Autolocking of Screen
Sumit Dutta's 52nd post in his series on WP7 is about screen autolocking and how to disable it
Windows 8 Touch Events Interactions
Charles Petzold discusses the WIndows 8 implementation of the Mainpulation events in detal.
HTML5 on Windows Phone: A Simple Boilerplate
In Rob Tiffany's latest post, he gives some guidance on HTML5 and CSS boilerplate to get you mobile web apps off on the right foot
Memory Profiling for Application Performance
Pratap Lakshman has up a great detailed post on using the Memory Profiler to find a memory leak... good external links, and lots of information
Getting latest Tweets in Windows Phone apps using Twitter REST API and JSON.NET
WindowsPhoneGeek has a post up showing how to get the last 10 tweets from a Twitter account using the Twitter REST API and JSON.NET .. details and code
Getting Started with Knockout
John Papa's return to Client Insight in MSDN Magazine is this post on Knockout JS and data binding

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