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Using AppBarButton in Windows 8.1
Author: Tim Heuer
Date Added: 3/13/2014

I thought I’d dig a little deeper quickly on the use of AppBarButton since I received a few pieces of email about it.

Conditional Includes with Visual Studio Project Files
Author: Nick
Date Added: 3/13/2014

the differences between a debug and release build can lead to some confusion as it can be hard to tell whether you’re using a debug or release build of an application

The role of Behaviors and UserControls in the MVVM paradigm
Author: Andrea Boschin
Date Added: 3/13/2014

the aspects of MVVM programming have been consolidated and it is often clear what goes in the View and what goes in the ViewModel but, as usual, there are a number of degrees of gray between the white and the black

Windows 8 XAML Tips - Conditional Behaviors
Author: Fons Sonnemans
Date Added: 3/13/2014

A new feature that is added to the Behaviors SDK is that Actions can return results as well as have its own ActionLists

Windows Phone 8 Blank Project Template for Visual Studio 2013
Author: Michael Crump
Date Added: 3/13/2014

A lot of people were happy with the blank Windows Phone 8 Project Template that I created for Visual Studio 2012

Visual Studio 2013 Tips & Tricks – Incremental search
Author: Senthil Kumar
Date Added: 3/13/2014

Incremental Search is one of the nice little feature that is available in Visual Studio 2013. This is available in previous versions of Visual Studio as well.

I created my HintBar control, which is actually laughably simple

Event Bubbling and Capturing in JavaScript
Author: Kirupa Chinnathambi
Date Added: 3/13/2014

An event isn't an isolated disturbance. Like a butterfly flapping its wings, an earthquake, a meteor strike, or a Godzilla visit, events ripple and affect all elements that lie in their path

Using the Windows 8.1 Hub as an ItemsControl
Author: Diederik Krols
Date Added: 3/13/2014

This article presents a Windows 8.1 Hub control with ItemsSource and ItemTemplate properties, making it easily bindable and more MVVM-friendly

It’s pretty easy with Azure Mobile Services to build either a custom end point or an end point that exposes tabular data and to require users to authenticate before they can access that end point

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