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In This Issue: Michael Palermo, Tess Ferrandez, Pete Brown, Diederik Krols, David Rousset, Alex Bream, Beth Massi, and Joost van Schaik.

Above The Fold:
Win8/Metro: "Using the CarouselPanel in Windows 8 Metro"
Diederik Krols
LightSwitch: "LightSwitch IIS Deployment Enhancements in Visual Studio 11"
Beth Massi
Metro/XAML: "Attached behaviors for Windows 8 Metro Style XAML"
Joost van Schaik


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

András Velvárt and his company have produced another Kinect app...Zoomcity Budapest – Controlling a 7.2 Gigapixel panorama with Kinect

David Kelley announced the introduction of his latest course at AppDev: Windows Phone 7 Development Using Visual Studio 2010

From WindowsDevNews:

Bizzy Bees Step 4: Making things move (XNA Walkthrough)
Tess Ferrandez continues her XNA WP7 game with animating the flowers down the screen, adding a flower factory and an end game scenario
Unable to Activate Windows Metro Style Application
Michael Palermo has an extremely quick but extremely useful tip up for an error you may find in VS or Blend and of course, the solution
A FontFamily ComboBox in WPF 4.5
Pete Brown has a really nice FontFamily ComboBox example up. It's in WPF 4.5 which gives some nice features, but it's all good coding info
Using the CarouselPanel in Windows 8 Metro
Diederik Krols does some fun work with the Windows 8 Metro CarouselPanel
HTML5 Platformer: the complete port of the XNA game to <canvas> with EaselJS
David Rousset has the final episode of his HTML5 game up... talking about the download process, playing music, and JavaScript issues... grab the source and have fun!
Metro UX with XAML: Introduction to the Semantic Zoom - Part 1: Grouped Zoom
Alex Bream has a short introduction to Semantic Zoom and a sample project to download as well
LightSwitch IIS Deployment Enhancements in Visual Studio 11
Beth Massi's latest LightSwitch outing is all about VS11 and LightSwitch V2 and deploying on IIS... lots of details.. should be all you need to get going.
Attached behaviors for Windows 8 Metro Style XAML
Joost van Schaik is pulling a rabbit out of a hat with his Windows 8 Behavior class... no, really... check it out

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