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In This Issue: Jay Kimble, Beth Massi, Sumit Dutta, Steven Sinofsky, Frank La Vigne, Lee, Alex Bream, Eric Vogel, Daniel Vaughan, Derik Whittaker, Tess Ferrandez, Den Delimarsky, and Bertrand Le Roy.

Above The Fold:
Windows 8: "Using Push Notifications in Windows 8"
Eric Vogel


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Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Deploying LightSwitch Applications to IIS6 & Automating Deployment Packages
Beth Massi's latest answers some questions she's been getting about deploying a LightSwitch application to IIS and also Automating that process
Metro Nuggets: WebAuthenticationBroker an oAuth solution
Jay Kimble is building a Dropbox client for Win8 Metro. In doing so, he needs to communicate with Dropbox... and Metro/WinRT provides assistance with that with the WebAuthenticationBroker... read about it and download the code.
Part 73 - Windows Phone - Schedule Secondary Tile Update
Sumit Dutta's latest WP7 post is about using Update Primary Tile and Schedule Tile Update to update secondary tiles
Scaling to different screens
Steven Sinofsky discusses varying devices and resolutions and what about those humongous screens? ... well, he talks about that too, and then moves into pixel density discussion
Visual Studio 11 Power Tip 1 Extension Manager
Frank La Vigne has a series on VS11 Power Tips up, this first being on the Extension Manager
Using DataTemplateSelector in Metro Style App
Lee is getting familiar with Metro, and in this post describes using the DataTemplateSelector to show items differently in the same lis
Metro UX with XAML: Create a custom GridView
Alex Bream posts in Italian, but by using Google Translator, I was able to read this post just fine... describing how to build a multi-row, multi-column GridView like the on on the Metro Start page.... nicely done with description and code
Using Push Notifications in Windows 8
Eric Vogel talks about the various types of push notifications we currently have in W8, and how to implement each
Calcium: A modular application toolset for WPF and Windows Phone
Daniel Vaughan has released his 'Calcium' framework for WP7 and WPF. You can get the documentation on CodePlex or check out Davide Zordan's review of it here: Calcium framework for Windows Phone available
CSharp.Target errors when using a Developer Preview version of a Metro Library
Derik Whittaker describes an issue he had when trying to compile code from the Developer Preview with the Consumer Preview VS11... maybe you've had this issue as well. If so, Derik has the solution!
Bizzy Bees Step 1: Setting the stage (XNA walkthrough)
This is part 1 of a series Tess Ferrandez posted on building a WP7 game in XNA. Don't know XNA? .. jump in, no time like the presetn
Pushing the limits of the Windows Phone SDK and sending files via EmailComposeTask
Not one to back down from a challenge, Den Delimarsky took on the EmailComposeTask and the fact that you can't attach files to an email... and did so by converting the attachment, oh... read the post.. pretty clever!
Drawing transparent glyphs on the HTML canvas
Bertrand Le Roy starts of with a discussion of putImageData that seems like it should work but does not, but then turns around and shows how to really do it

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