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In This Issue: Kunal Chowdhury, Tony Champion, Charles Petzold, Jonathan Antoine, Sumit Dutta, Tim Heuer, Unni Ravindranathan, Alex Golesh, Walt Ritscher, Richard Turner, Laurent Bugnion, Jose and Luis Latorre Millas.

Above The Fold:
PivotViewer: "Hacking PivotViewer: Zoom"
Tony Champion
Metro/XAML: "Using a ToggleButton in your XAML Metro style AppBar"
Tim Heuer
Metro: "Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta - Licensing and In-app purchases (Part 7/11)"
Alex Golesh
Windows 8: "An Accurate Windows 8 Platform Architecture Diagram?"
Richard Turner


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

Kudos to András Velvárt and his company for their Kinect Quiz app for Yaz

From WindowsDevNews:

Hacking PivotViewer: Zoom
Tony Champion is starting a series on Hacking PivotViewer and starting with exposing a Zoom API
How to Unlock your WP7 Device for Development
Kunal Chowdhury gives the run-down on how to get your WP7 device unlocked so you can side-load your apps to it for direct development rather than depending upon the simulator
The LoadJpeg Advantage on Windows Phone
While working on an article, Charles Petzold was trying to download a large JPEG and was surprised his first attempts didn't work, then was pleasantly surprised to find LoadJpeg worked just fine
WinJS - how to cancel the navigation from a page ?
Jonathan Antoine shows how to use WinJS to very nicely cancel navigation from a page
Part 66 - Windows Phone - Theme colored tile and icon
Sumit Dutta's 66th Episode on WP7 dev is creating theme-colored tile images
Using a ToggleButton in your XAML Metro style AppBar
Tim Heuer has a great post you're going to want to read and downlaod the code... modifying the AppBarButtonStyle to get yourself a toggle button in the app bar... very cool
Known Issue: XAML Designer in Visual Studio 11 Beta Crashes on Launch
Unni Ravindranathan has a post on the Blend Insider blog that he's going to keep open and add onto about workarounds to VS11 issues The first one up is a crash when opening a XAML doc... quite the command prompt sequence to workaround it too :)
Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta - Licensing and In-app purchases (Part 7/11)
Alex Golesh discusses using the CurrentAppSimulator class and working through the licensing and in-app purchase issues prior to actually doing them live
Shader 101
Walt Ritscher is writing a book on HSL and Pixel Shaders... that should be fun... read his intro in this post
An Accurate Windows 8 Platform Architecture Diagram?
Got a link to Richard Turner's blog from Walt Ritscher, and this is an excellent discussion of the Windows 8 diagram we've all seen before and Richard's suggestion of how it should be re-worked
The gestures of Windows 8 (Consumer preview): part 2, More about Search
Laurent Bugnion has part 2 of his Windows 8 gestures series up and is talking about the Search charm and some good info about search that you might not be aware of
Windows 8 Metro Application AppBar trick
Jose Luis Latorre Millas shows how to push your appbar into a ResourceDictionary and use it across your app

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