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In This Issue: Alex Golesh, Senthil Kumar B, Christian Schormann and Pam Keesey, Tim Heuer, Jeremy Likness, Adam Kinney, Diederik Krols, Pete Brown, Shawn Wildermuth, Andrea Boschin, Dan Wahlin, Timmy Kokke, John Papa, and Beth Massi.

Above The Fold:
Windows 8/Metro: "Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta - Data Sharing (Part 3/11)"
Alex Golesh
Windows 8/Metro:: "Databinding to the VariableSizedWrapGrid in Windows 8 Metro"
Diederik Krols
LigthSwitch: "Enhance Your LightSwitch Applications with OData"
Beth Massi


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone - Article #5 - RadRating Control
Senthil Kumar B continues his investigation of Telerik's controls for WP7 with this post on the Rating Control... making it pretty darned easy to add a rating control to your app
Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta - Data Sharing (Part 3/11)
Alex Golesh talks about Data sharing in W8 in this 3rd post in his series. To do so, he needed a Share Target, so he wrote one of those as well, and we get it all :)
Blend Tutorial Part 8: Add CSS Transitions-Memory Game
Christian Schormann and Pam Keesey's 8th part of their game series is on using CSS transitions on the game cards
Use Bing Maps in your Windows 8 XAML applications
Tim Heuer announced the release of BingMaps for XAML Apps in W8, and starts with the d/l links, ends with some code
Understanding the Portable Library by Chasing ICommand (1 of 3)
Jeremy Likness has a 3-part series starting in which he is creating a viewmodel that is reused without modification in a Silverlight, WPF, and W8 Metro project
Windows 8 AppBarButtonStyles enumerated and visualized
Adam Kinney returns with information about the AppBarButtonStyles enumerated for XAML compared to the WinJS ones... wow... quite a difference!
Databinding to the VariableSizedWrapGrid in Windows 8 Metro
Diederik Krols has another great instructive post up using a VariableSizedWrapGrid control in a W8 Metro app
Getting Started with XAML: Slides and demos
Pete Brown posted his materials from his South Florida Code Camp talk on XAML... everything you need to know
Modern Web Development - Part 7
in his 7th Installment of his Modern Web Development series, Shawn Wildermuth discusses Distributed Version Control... the what, why, and how
Take a screenshot with Silverlight 5.0 and pInvoke
Andrea Boschin demonstrates Silverlight 5 pInvoke with this desktop screenshot capturing app.
Looking Forward: Single Page Apps, Client-Side Databinding, Entity Change Tracking, and Windows 8
Dan Wahlin discusses his take on the future of development as we know it, and provides great links to resources you should avail yourself of.
What's new in Expression Blend for visual studio?
Timmy Kokke details a list of chnages he found running the VS2011 Beta on Windows 7 and working on Silverlight projects
5-Minute Tour of CSS3 Background Gradients
John Papa's latest "Papa's Perspective" in Visual Studio magazine is a quick intro to CSS3 Background gradients using some tools and making them work across multiple browsers
Enhance Your LightSwitch Applications with OData
Beth Massi discusses at length the new OData capabilities built into LightSwitch

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