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In This Issue: Dhananjay Kumar, Chris, Sumit Dutta, Tim Heuer, Dan Wahlin, Christian Schormann and Pam Keesey, Andrew Duthie, Diederik Krols, Jalpesh P. Vadgama, Alex Golesh, Shawn Wildermuth, Kirupa Chinnathambi, Kunal Chowdhury, and Colin Eberhardt.

Above The Fold:
Win8/Metro: "Building a good app settings experience in XAML"
Tim Heuer
Win8/Metro: "Using Grouped GridView Navigation in Windows 8 Metro"
Diederik Krols
Win8/Metro: "Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta - Working with Proximity Device (Part 2/11)"
Alex Golesh
Silverlight: "Plotting Circular Relationship Graphs with Silverlight"
Colin Eberhardt


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

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From WindowsDevNews:

Using ZoneInfo api in wp7
Chris disusses a codeplex library called zoneinfo that he used in a WP7 app for timezone conversions
Setting up Visual Studio11 Beta for Metro Application Creation
Dhananjay Kumar walks through building a first Metro app in HTML and JS
Part 61 - Windows Phone 7 - Access ApplicationBar in Codebehind
In Sumit Dutta's 4th post on the AppBar, he is showing how to get access to the ApplicationbarIconButton, ApplicationBarMenuItems and The Global AppBar buttons and MenuItems
Building a good app settings experience in XAML
Tim Heuer has a great best-practices post up about the settings screen for your new Metro App.
Video: Structuring JavaScript with the Revealing Module Pattern
Dan Wahlin gives a peek at part of his PluralSight training class on Sturcturing JavaScript
Blend Tutorial Part 7: Style the Cards-Memory Game
Christian Schormann and Pam Keesey's 6th part of their Game series is on using blend to style the cards according to the class they are assigned
W8WIL #1: Friendly Names for AppBar Icons
Andrew Duthie started a new series called Whindows 8: What I've Learned.. first up is a discussioon of the AppBar and the cool way you can use the Segoe UI Symbols
Using Grouped GridView Navigation in Windows 8 Metro
Diederik Krols has a very cool, complete Metro app up... discussion, links, and all the code... great demo of lots of features
URL-New HTML5 input element
Jalpesh P. Vadgama continues highlighting new HTML5 input elements with this post on the URL type, with some executable HTML5 to get you going
Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta - Working with Proximity Device (Part 2/11)
Alex Golesh continues his W8 examination in this 2nd post talking about proximity devices and Near Field Communication
WebAPI and Ninject
Shawn Wildermuth details his exploration to resolve an issue using both Web API and MVC and creating a controller... including his solution
Creating a Retro Pixel Effect
Kirupa Chinnathambi has a very cool post up for graphics junkies... how to get a pixelated/retro look on your artwork... yeah it uses Adobe, but it is cool
How to download and save images in WP7 Media Library
Kunal Chowdhury demonstrates how to use the WebClient to download external images to the WP7 Media Library
Plotting Circular Relationship Graphs with Silverlight
Put this in the 'holy crap' folder...Colin Eberhardt has a very detailed post up describing the Circular Relationship Graph he demonstrated a while back... definitely worth the price of admission!

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