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In This Issue: Tim Heuer (-2-), Jason Farrell, Asim Sajjad, Morten Nielsen, Paul Sheriff, Pete Brown, John Papa, Dhananjay Kumar, Sumit Dutta, Dan Wahlin, Adam Kinney, and Waleed Arafa Al-Zoghby.

Above The Fold:
Windows 8: "TiltEffect for Windows 8 Metro XAML"
Morten Nielsen
Windows 8: "How to Create Bootable USB for Windows 8 Consumer Preview"
Dhananjay Kumar
Windows 8: "Windows 8 AppBarIcons enumerated and visualized"
Adam Kinney


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Windows 8 for keyboard users
Tim Heuer has a video by Jensen and a great break-out list of keyboard shortcuts for W8
XAML AppBar Button Styles for Windows 8
Tim Heuer references a couple posts by Adam Kinney they expands on the styling discussing and talks about their use in Blend as well
Building a Data Layer with Sterling
Jason Farrell describes his work with Jeremy Likness' awesomeness, Sterling which is similar to mine... I'm a big fan
Multi Select ComboBox in Silverlight
Asim Sajjad talks his way through a Multi-Select ComboBox that he inherited and modified
TiltEffect for Windows 8 Metro XAML
Morten Nielsen takes a shot at duplicating the W8 Start Menu 'tilt' effect by porting over the TiltEffect class in the phone Toolkit and ended up with something very cool that he's sharing
An HTML 5 Navigation Screen
Paul Sheriff details out a very nice Navigation bar in HTML5 ... code, discussion and external links abound
REST with Silverlight 5, ASP.NET Web API, and MVC 4 Beta
Pete Brown posted his materials from the talk he gave at the South Florida Code Camp
KnockoutJS's Built-in Bindings
John Papa digs into KnockoutJS bindings in this post which is actually a link to his MSDN Magazine article
How to Create Bootable USB for Windows 8 Consumer Preview
Dhananjay Kumar has exactly the post I need... Jaime Rodriguez came to my rescue last Thursday night when my slate pooted, and I need to follow Dhananjay's instructions myself in case it happens again
Part 60 - Windows Phone 7 - Global Application Bar
In his 3rd AppBar post, Sumit Dutta tackles an appbar used in multiple pages ... a 'global' appbar
jQuery Tip #5: Using jQuery's end() Function to Work with Sets
Dan Wahlin's 5th jQuery tip is on the end() function which makes pretty quick work of what would otherwise be a nasty bit of coding
Windows 8 AppBarIcons enumerated and visualized
Adam Kinney discusses the new way AppBar icons are defined and provides us with a great chart of available icons
Windows Phone Data Binding between Elements using the Designer
Waleed Arafa Al-Zoghby has a post at WindowsPhoneGeek showing how to wire up Databinding using the Designer in VS2010

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