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In This Issue: Joost van Schaik, Kirupa Chinnathambi , Ryan Alford, Adam Kinney, Michael Crump, Alex Golesh, Andrea Boschin, Laurent Bugnion, Dan Wahlin, Dhananjay Kumar, Sumit Dutta, WindowsPhoneGeek, and Jeremy Likness.

Above The Fold:
WP7/Silverlight: "Behavior to show a MessageBox from a ViewModel"
Joost van Schaik
Windows 8: "Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta - What's New (Part 1/11)"
Alex Golesh
VS2010: "VS2010 IDE - 15 Tip and Tricks"
Sumit Dutta
Windows 8: "Windows 8 Icons: Segoe UI Symbol"
Jeremy Likness


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Create an Awesome Contact Page
Kirupa Chinnathambi discusses why a good Contact page is necessary... I do that with a contact link... and I know some of you have found it :)
Behavior to show a MessageBox from a ViewModel
Joost van Schaik gives up a behavior he wrote for WP7 that will also work on Silverlight for showing a simple messagebox... cool... I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Joost last week... great guy, great post.
WPF - Dynamically Set DataTemplate
Ryan Alford has a nice post up in WPF, but could be Silverlight on dynamically setting the DataTemplate of an item in a listbox
Fahrenheit to Celsius in the Win8 Weather app, a story of change
Adam Kinney posted a short article on changing the weather app in Windows 8 to display Celsius.
Build your first Windows Phone 7 app
Michael Crump has a post up in .Net Magazine on building your first WP7 app... beginning all the way back at downloading the tools
Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta - What's New (Part 1/11)
Alex Golesh has a series up... this is the first post and the one I followed last week getting my app from DP to CP... a story of its own.
Reliable themes: Plan for fonts
Andrea Boschin continues his theme discussion with this post about fonts and themes... lots of good points to think of in case you have not.
The gestures of Windows 8 (Consumer preview): part 1
In this great part 1 of a series, Laurent Bugnion lists out the various gestures he has found in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and is asking for feedback
jQuery Tip #4 - Use the on() Function for Event Handling
Dan Wahlin discusses the on() jQuery funciton in this tip #4 of his series
Select ListBox Item on the Hold event in Windows Phone
Dhananjay Kumar writes in this WP7 post about raising the hold event on an image control in a ListBox
VS2010 IDE - 15 Tip and Tricks
Sumit Dutta has a collection of VS2010 tips up that you should at least skim through... some of these were things I knew I could do but hadn't bothered looking up, so it's good to have them in one place
Windows Phone Local Database Schema Upgrade Part1 - Adding new columns
WindowsPhoneGeek's latest post is on how to update your database schema when updating your app... always an interesting puzzle
Windows 8 Icons: Segoe UI Symbol
Jeremy Likness shows the use of one of my favorite tools: CharMap... and demonstrates coming up with great W8 Icons

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