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In This Issue: Shawn Wildermuth, Mark Monster, Sumit Dutta, Victor Gaudioso, MSDN Download Center, Jose Fajardo, András Velvárt, Chad Campbell, codeblock, Dan Wahlin, Jalpesh P. Vadgama, Bary Nusz, and Kevin Dockx.

Above The Fold:
WP7: "Windows Phone Performance - Part 2 of many - It's Full of Stars!"
András Velvárt
Silverlight: "Reliable Theming: Plan for colors"
WP7: "Showing the WP7 Magnetometer in 3D with XNA/Silverlight "
Bary Nusz


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Reset the back of your Tile through push
Mark Monster's latest post is about wiping out the back of a live tile... it's not as easy as doing an empty push... oh, but you tried that already didn't you :)
Modern Web Development - Part 6
Shawn Wildermuth's part 6 in his series is about Packaging everything you can up to make it lighter to load
Part 59 - Windows Phone 7 - Get Thumbnails from Camera Roll and Picture Album
Sumit Dutta's 59th WP7 post is on using the WrapPanel to place thumbnails of images from the Camera and saved Pictures
New Silverlight Video Tutorial: Importing Photoshop Files into Expression Blend
Victor Gaudioso's latest video tutorial is demonstrating getting PSD files into Expression Blend... layer by layer or a flattened image
Prism 4.1 - February 2012
The MSDN Download Center announced the release of Prism 4.1 for Silverlight 5 and WP7.1 ... I've already had it running, haven't seen any issues
How far will Microsoft go with HTML ?!
Jose Fajardo's post on Microsoft and HTML5 reminded me of a quote by "Becky" from the movie "American Flyers": "I'll go pretty far if it feels good"
Windows Phone Performance - Part 2 of many - It's Full of Stars!
András Velvárt posted part 2 in his current series which is a translation from the performance chapter of a WP7 book he co-wrote... this one creates an app to check out performance issues and fix them
Saving and Retrieving Arrays in Local Storage
Chad Campbell discusses using HTML local storage to store a JSON array and then retrieve it
Reliable Theming: Plan for colors
codeblock has a post on settng up for theming on Andrea Boschin's blog... a good read and good information
jQuery Tip #3 - Using the data() Function
Dan Wahlin's 3rd jQuery tip is on using the data() function to associate and retrieve data including template data
Email-New Html5 input element
Jalpesh P. Vadgama walks through the HTML5 input element 'Email' ... with all the validation you'd want baked in
Showing the WP7 Magnetometer in 3D with XNA/Silverlight
Bary Nusz follows up his compas app with this cool magnetometer app in 3D...
Part 3: Developing for a multitude of clients: strategies for code reuse and keeping costs in check.
Kevin Dockx continues with his exploration of designing for multiple clients... primarily discussing MEF and working on the Silverlight side of things in this post

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