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In This Issue: Senthil Kumar B, Dave Davis, Tony Champion, Michael Washington, Colin Eberhardt, Brian Noyes, Gill Cleeren, Laurent Bugnion, William Wegerson, Senthil Kumar, Sumit Dutta, Michael Crump, and Dhananjay Kumar.

Above The Fold:
PivotViewer: "PivotViewer Multi-Valued Properties"
Tony Champion
LightSwitch: "Integrating LightSwitch Into An ASPNET Application To Provide Single Sign On"
Michael Washington


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Windows 8 is Coming??.Should I Care?
Dave Davis discusses his experience with the W8 developer preview and his opinion about Windows 8 in general
Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone ?? Article #1 ?? Introduction and Installation
Senthil Kumar B looks to be starting a series on the Telerik RadControls for WP7, this is the intro but there's lots of controls so a target-rich blogging environment
PivotViewer Multi-Valued Properties
Tony Champion is back with more PivotViewer goodness.. this time out he's responding to queries about defining a multi-valued property... good write-up and code to take home
Integrating LightSwitch Into An ASPNET Application To Provide Single Sign On
Michael Washington's latest LightSwitch post is this tutorial on the integration of LightSwitch, ASP.NET and Single Sign-on
Visualising StackOverflow Tag Relationships with Silverlight
Colin Eberhardt created an awesome visualization of the top 20 tags in StackOverflow and their interrlations... he promises the source to this later!
Working with Prism 4 Part 4: Region Navigation
Brian Noyes' part 4 of his Prism 4 series at SilverlightShow is up and on view switching navigation.
Windows 8 and the future of XAML: Part 3: Using WinRT
Gill Cleeren has part 3 of his W8/XAML series up at SilverlightShow and this time digs into writing some code, including some useful bits you'll want to check out
Solving the ObservableCollection bug on Windows 8
Laurent Bugnion provides an improvement on an ObservableVector class that honors the binding system and the original ObservableCollection can remain untouched
Silverlight (How To): Manipulation of Dynamic Selection Rubber Band in C#
William Wegerson discusses code that will provide a rubber band region using the mouse the allow the user to create a selectable region
How to postpone the expiration date of Windows 8 Developer Preview ?
Senthil Kumar points out an update that will carry your W8 Developer preview well past it's current expiration date... out for almost another year!
Part 58 - Windows Phone 7 - Enter Key
Sumit Dutta has a post up discussing the use of the Enter Key or rather how to make it work the way you think it should
XAMLflix Episode 4 with RadDiagram for Silverlight and WPF
Michael Crump has a series going at Telerik called XAMLFlix. Ths is episode 4 and is all about the RadDiagram.. lots of external links and some source
Page Stack in Windows Phone
Dhananjay Kumar discusses the Page Stack... what it is how to make best use of it in your dev.

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