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In This Issue: Michael Washington (-2-), Kevin Dockx (-2-), Sumit Dutta, Dhananjay Kumar (-2-), Dan Wahlin, Igor Ralic, Beth Massi, Kirupa Chinnathambi, Victor Gaudioso, and WindowsPhoneGeek.

Above The Fold:
LightSwitch: "Creating A LightSwitch Group Extension"
Michael Washington
WP7: "Programmatically changing Visual States of HubTile controls used as ListBox Items"


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Creating A LightSwitch Group Extension
Michael Washington has a tutorial up for a cool LightSwitch extension... just scroll to the bottom of the post and look at the pictures... *now* ya wanna read it, right?
Creating A LightSwitch Collection Control Extension
With no official documentation for creating Collection Control Extensions, Michael Washington is providing us with his own in this tutorial.
Part 1: Developing for a multitude of clients: Strategies for code reuse and keeping costs in check
Kevin Dockx is beginning a series on muti-client development... some initial discussion and then a look at the datamodel he's going to be using... should be an interesting series.
Part 55 - Windows Phone 7 - Dynamic Panorama Control
Sumit Dutta's 55th edition of his WP7 trek is on using the Panorama control dynamically and also explains lazy loading data in panorama controls
Launchers related to MarketPlace in Windows Phone
This post by Dhananjay Kumar is talking about the Launchers in WP7 that are related to the marketplace and how to use them
Code to send game invite to multiple user in Windows Phone
Dhananjay Kumar has a post up showing how to use the GameInvite Task chooser to send game invitations to multiple users in a WP7 multi-player game
jQuery Tip #2 - Manipulating the DOM in a Loop
Dan Wahlin's jQuery Tip #2 is about getting the DOM interaction outside your loops to keep from degrading performatnce ... great information and a great link in the conclusion also!
Bing maps data bound pushpins fade-in animation
In his latest post, Igor Ralic demonstrates smoothly animating the addition of push-pins to a Bing Map app as the locations become available.
Part 2: Developing for a multitude of clients: Strategies for code reuse and keeping costs in check
Kevin Dockx digs into the service layer in this 2nd post in his series. He has the setup for making the Domain Service accessible via OData, SOAP and JSON endpoints.. looks like source was suposed to be downloadable, but I'm not seeing it.
Calling Web Services to Validate Data in Visual Studio LightSwitch
Beth Massi talks about how nicely LightSwitch handles the validation of the format of data, and offers up a solution for validating the meaning of the data
Hiding Things Using CSS
Kirupa Chinnathambi discusses and demonstrates the use of the Visibility and Opacity properties in CSS
How to Make Sliding Panels with Only One Button (Using Code-Behind (C#)
Victor Gaudioso revisited his previous video tutorial and tackled a single-button version, but at least at this point he had to use a bit of code as well
Programmatically changing Visual States of HubTile controls used as ListBox Items
WindowsPhoneGeek shows how to change the visual states of a hubtile programmatically... and then has the code for a download to boot!

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