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In This Issue: Tony Champion, Michael Washington, Mark Monster, Dhananjay Kumar, Sumit Dutta, Laith Alasad, Colin Eberhardt, Morten Nielsen, Michael Palermo, Victor Gaudioso, Rudi Ferrarin, and Christian Schormann and Pam Keesey.

Above The Fold:
SL5: "ComboBoxItem IsEnabled, SL5 Style"
Tony Champion
LightSwitch: "Enhancing A LightSwitch Detail Control Extension"
Michael Washington
UserControls: "A Simple Pattern for Creating Re-useable UserControls in WPF / Silverlight"
Colin Eberhardt


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

The Telerik Team announced additional improvements to their data engine that supports the RadTreeView: About RadTreeView for WinForms and its Supercharged engine

Gill Cleeren posted Demos and slides of SilverlightShow webinar on WIndows 8 for XAML developers (part 1)

From WindowsDevNews:

Enhancing A LightSwitch Detail Control Extension
Michael Washington's latest LightSwitch post is all about the LightSwitch Control extensions you can create, and narrowing in on the Detail Control Extension this time... great detailed tutorial and code as usual.
ComboBoxItem IsEnabled, SL5 Style
Tony Champion gives a great real-world example of binding in style setters with this post about disabling items in a combo box... cool stuff... good write-up, and downloadable code
Windows Phone Unified Ad - Part 1 - Introduction
Mark Monster introduces a series on WP7 ad controls... all doing more or less the same thing but in a different way... read on as he digs into the Winidows Phone Unified Ad control
MarketPlaceSearchTask in Windows Phone
Read Dhananjay Kumar's write-up on the MarketPlaceSearchTask, and easily add it to your next app
Part 53 - Windows Phone 7 - Dynamic ApplicationBar
Sumit Dutta's 53rd WP7 post is about dynamically taking care of all things associated with the Application Bar... creating, removing, adding a button, adding a menu item, and on and on... lots of good information
The XAML Project
Laith Alasad launched a new website to pick up xaml fragments you can plug into Blend... be sure to contribute as well as avail yourself of his xaml bits
A Simple Pattern for Creating Re-useable UserControls in WPF / Silverlight
Colin Eberhardt fills in a hole that apparently many devs find themselves in and put up a tutorial on creating usercontrols that expose properties that support binding... good stuff, Colin
Why Custom Controls are underrated
Morten Nielsen starts of with the killer solar-system listbox you've probably seen, and then goes into User Controls as a segue into Custom Controls... good external links and source
Feature Detection Script for CSS3 Selectors
Michael Palermo realized Modernizer doesn't deted CSS3 Selectors, so he wrote his hown script to do that, and is sharing with us
New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to make Sliding Panels
Victor Gaudioso has a slick Blend tutorial up on making a nice-looking sliding panel for your apps
MetroGrid component for Windows Phone
Rudi Ferrarin uses inspiration from Jeff Wilcox and his MetroGridHelper to produce design-time 'metro squares' in the VS editor
Blend Tutorial Part 5: Align Content to The Grid??Memory Game
Christian Schormann and Pam Keesey's part 5 of their series is a tutorial on aligning content to the flexible CSS grid... allowing the app to run in different display sizes and resolutions

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