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In This Issue: Brian Noyes, Tony Champion, goldytech, Roy Dallal, Vikram Pendse , Jose Fajardo, Jeremy Likness, Jesse Liberty, Sumit Dutta, Asim Sajjad, Diederik Krols, Christian Schormann and Pam Keesey, Arturo Toledo, and Filip Skakun.

Above The Fold:
SL5: "A mesmerizing burst of circles (Silverlight 5 & XNA)"
Jose Fajardo
Metro/WinRT: "Hello ObservableVector, goodbye ObservableCollection"
Diederik Krols
Blend/HTML5: "Blend Tutorial Part 2: Create the Project??Memory Game"
Christian Schormann and Pam Keesey
Metro: "31 Weeks of Windows Phone Metro Design | #4 Hub & Spoke Navigation Model"
Arturo Toledo
Metro: "Displaying Webcam Preview in a Metro App Using WinRT and XAML"
Filip Skakun


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

WebDesignShock has a set of icons up free for Android, iPhone, W8, and Google+ : New Designers and Developers Icon Set!

From WindowsDevNews:

PivotViewer Basics : Basic Item Adorners
Tony Champion is back to the PivotViewer, this time explaining what item adorners are and how to use them
Working with Prism 4 Part 3: Composite Command and Pub/Sub Events
Brian Noyes has part 3 of his Prism Tutorial series up at SilverlightShow discussing loosely coupled communications between composite parts
Dynamic Theme Switching in Silverlight Prism App
goldytech has a post up on Prism and switching themes across dynamic views.
Silverlight Windows Authentication (the Prism way
Roy Dallal has a Prism post up on Windows Authentication using WCF services and the issues he got into
Share Status and Link on Socials in Windows Phone
Vikram Pendse's latest WP7 post is on ShareStatusTask and ShareLinkTask
A mesmerizing burst of circles (Silverlight 5 & XNA)
Jose Fajardo is continuing his investigative posts with this one on XNA drawing using sprites... next time it will be DirectX
Video: Getting Started with Jounce MVVM and MEF for Silverlight 5
Jeremy Likness starts with a new project in this video... including the installation of Jounce
Yet Another Podcast #57??Kendo UI
Jesse Liberty is joined on his latest Yet Another Podcast by Todd Anglin and Burke Holland of Telerik to talk about Kendo UI
Part 50 - Windows Phone 7 - ColorPicker
In Sumit Dutta's 50th WP7 post, he's built a Color Picker using a ListBox, WrapPanel and Buttons
Silverlight RichTextBox Scrolling Problem
Asim Sajjad demonstrates a problem with dumping a bunch of text into the RichTextBox... it scrolls to the bottom, and you'd think it would be at the top... so he has a workaround to fix that
Hello ObservableVector, goodbye ObservableCollection
Diederik Krols discusses the INotifyPropertyChanged replacement for Metro apps... and that's going to be a bad habit for me to break :)
Blend Tutorial Part 2: Create the Project??Memory Game
In Christian Schormann and Pam Keesey's 2nd tutorial in their series they are creating the memrory game.. all HTML and JS included... you're playing along, right??
31 Weeks of Windows Phone Metro Design | #4 Hub & Spoke Navigation Model
Arturo Toledo continues with part 4 of his Metro design series, focusing on the navigation model
Displaying Webcam Preview in a Metro App Using WinRT and XAML
I was going to stop at 13 posts, but I had this one by Filip Skakun on the stack, and it's just too cool not to post... using CaptureElement control to display the output from the webcam on the screen.

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