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In This Issue: Sumit Dutta, Senthil Kumar B, Tianyu Zhang, Kirupa Chinnathambi , Timmy Kokke, WindowsPhoneGeek, Scott Guthrie, Jesse Liberty, Dhananjay Kumar, Jay Kimble, Kunal Chowdhury, Colin Eberhardt, and Shawn Wildermuth.

Above The Fold:
CSS3: "Easing Functions in CSS3"
Kirupa Chinnathambi
Azure: "Getting Started with Windows Azure "
Scott Guthrie
JavaScript: "Modern Web Development - Part 2 "
Shawn Wildermuth


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up
xyzzer's latest WinRT Daily News is up
Peter Kuhn announces Free Windows Phone Training

From WindowsDevNews:

Windows Phone and PhoneGap - Article #11 - Make a Phone Call - Part 1
Senthil Kumar B's 11th PhoneGap post is up, and is part 1 of making a phone call... pretty easy, wonder what part 2 is ?
Part 48 - Windows Phone 7 - pin to start by control
Sumit Dutta's WP7 post number 48 is up, showing how to pin an app to the start menu by using code
How to add Panorama to existing WP7 project
Have an existing WP7 app and wanna add a Panorama to it? Tianyu Zhang shows the quick and dirty of just that
Easing Functions in CSS3
Kirupa Chinnathambi has a great post on Easing in general, and he's showing it with CSS3... good stuff!
metro colors for photoshop
Timmy Kokke produced some Metro color swatches in the course of his work this week and is sharing them if you're a photoshop kinda person
How to get the Tapped Item in a MultiselectList control
WindowsPhoneGeek takes the mystery out of getting a reference to the tapped item in a MultiselectList... one of those things that sounds easy but isn't
Getting Started with Windows Azure
Scott Guthrie has the 2nd of a series of posts up on getting started with Azure and explains how to sign yourself up and get a no-obligation 3-month fee trial along the way.
New Videos Uploaded
Jesse Liberty added two more videos to his series, these two being on persisting and image and navigation within an MVVM app.
How to Use the ConnectionSettings Task for Windows Phone
Dhananjay Kumar is discussing the COnnectionSettings Task, defined in Microsoft.Phone.Tasks that allows you to set and adjust device network settings
WinRT Quick Tip #1: Get the Constructor for a Type
Jay Kimble ran into a WinRT issue where WinRT's type doesn't have a way to get to the constructor without using TypeInfo and reflection
How to host a Silverlight Application using JavaScript
Kunal Chowdhury demonstrates creating the Silverlight plugin dynamically using JavaScript
WP7 PhoneGap Backbutton Support Re-visited
Colin Eberhardt revits his prior PhoneGap post by maintaining a list of URLs for the navigation stack to detect backward navigation
Modern Web Development - Part 2
Part 2 of Shawn Wildermuth's great new series is up ... talking about his approach to Architecting JavaScript... to keep it from looking like the image on the top of his post :) ... lots to learn in this one!

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