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In This Issue: Michael Washington (- 2 -), Senthil Kumar B, Colin Eberhardt, Andrea Boschin, Jose Fajardo, Jesse Liberty, Dhananjay Kumar, Shawn Wildermuth, Arturo Toledo, Morten Nielsen, Andrew Duthie, and the Visual Studio Blog.

Above The Fold:
LightSwitch: "Using the ComponentOne Excel for Silverlight Control with LightSwitch"
Michael Washington
WP7: "Windows Phone 7 - Browsing your Photos via Bing Maps"
Colin Eberhardt
SL5/WinRt: "A shimmering wall of sequins to compare WinRT XAML & Silverlight 5"
Jose Fajardo
Metro: "31 Weeks of Windows Phone Metro Design | #3 Ideation and Concept"
Arturo Toledo


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Using The Many-To-Many Control
Michael Washington's latest LightSwitch tutorial is about a control available on MSDN to provide Many-to-Many associations
Windows Phone and PhoneGap - Article #10 - Beep sound
Senthil Kumar B's latest is number 10 in his PhoneGap series, talking about playing a sound effect with a button click
Using the ComponentOne Excel for Silverlight Control with LightSwitch
In his latest tutorial, Michael Washington is working with the ComponentOne Excel for Silverlight control he hinted at the other day... this is a great-looking app, and the post has all the details, screenshots, and code you'd want.
Windows Phone 7 - Browsing your Photos via Bing Maps
Colin Eberhardt has a cool WP7 post up that puts photo 'pins' on a Bing Map of the location it was taken, allowing you to browse photos by map.
Windows Phone 7.5: Using sockets
Andrea Boschin admits sockets are difficult to program for, but has a post up showing how to get going with them in WP7
A shimmering wall of sequins to compare WinRT XAML & Silverlight 5
Jose Fajardo builds a Sequin control, then uses that to create a wall of sequins in SL5 and WinRT XAML for comparison... check out the results and then grab the code... or the other way around... your choice :)
Calling Navigate From The View Model
Jesse Liberty has part 3 of a series on MVVM-Light up... and is simplifying the code from part 2 by calling Navigate on the RootFrame
Creating Alarm and Reminder in Windows Phone
Dhananjay Kumar has the beginnings of an alarm clock for WP7 going... Creating an alarm and Reminder
Modern Web Development - Part 1
Shawn Wildermuth is starting a 10-part series on building a new web site in today's world... looks to be a tutorial-style series, so buckle up and follow along.
31 Weeks of Windows Phone Metro Design | #3 Ideation and Concept
Arturo Toledo's 3rd part of his awesome series on Metro is up... talking about Brainstorming, Exploration, and Consolidation
Building A Multi-Touch Photo Viewer Control
Morten Nielsen has built a control for pinch zoom and drag of images for both WP7 and W8 ... read the post and grab the code
Exploring HTML5 Canvas: Part 3 - Paths and Text
Andrew Duthie posted part 3 of his HTML5 canvas series and this one is about the path and text APIs
Bring Some Game To Your Code!
The Visual Studio Blog has an announcement about an interesting Visual Studio Extension... come on.. you know you're going to give it a dance :)

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