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In This Issue: Ren?chulte, Tony Champion, Morten Nielsen, Sumit Dutta, Dhananjay Kumar, (-2-), and Beth Massi.

Above The Fold:
W8/Metro: "Reading and Writing text files in Windows 8 Metro"
Morten Nielsen
LightSwitch: "Creating Cascading Drop Down Lists in Visual Studio LightSwitch"
Beth Massi


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Breakdown of Windows Phone App Download Statistics
René Schulte displays download statistics for his Pictures Lab app, and correlates it with various milestones that he then discusses
10th Day of Silverligt : O/S Integration
Tony Champion continues his 12 Days of Silverlight ... who says the 12 days have to be in a row?? .. and in day 10, he's discussing O/S integration like Power Awareness, P/Invoke, File System Access, etc.
Reading and Writing text files in Windows 8 Metro
Morten Nielsen shares his utility methods for reading and writing a text file in WinRT... if there's an easier way let him know... or he's on a roll to builidng up a library :)
Part 47 - Windows Phone 7 - WrapPanel
Sumit Dutta's 47th episode is this one on the WrapPanel from the Phone Toolkit... read how simple it is to do some nice layout
How to work with Custom Method in WCF Data Service?
Dhananjay Kumar demonstrates the 3 steps involved in exposing a custom method in WCF Data Services
Flyout control in Windows 8 HTML JavaScript Metro Application
Dhananjay Kumar talks about and demonstrates a flyout in a Metro app... his just happens to be in HTML and JS
Creating Cascading Drop Down Lists in Visual Studio LightSwitch
Beth Massi's latest LightSwitch post is on Cascading dropdown Lists using parametrerized queries and parameter binding

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