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In This Issue: Rudi Grobler, Jose Fajardo, XAMLGeek, Michael Crump, Pete Brown, Derik Whittaker, Sumit Dutta, Dhananjay Kumar, Oana Csertus, and Andrea Boschin

Above The Fold:
WinRT: "Understanding the Gyrometer data from WinRT"
Jose Fajardo
XAML: "How to Show a deleted List Item with a Strike Through in XAML"
Derik Whittaker
WP7: "Windows Phone 7.5 - Using advanced tiles API"
Andrea Boschin


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Kung Fu Windows Phone - Capitalization
Rudi Grobler discusses the adhoc rules of capitalization in WP7 design in a new "KUNG FU WINDOWS PHONE" series starter post
Understanding the Gyrometer data from WinRT
Jose Fajardo has a video and code up demonstrating the output of the Gyrometer in the WinRT APIs... good stuff
Delete failed WP7 app submission
If you've had an app fail when submitting it, and you can't figure out how to delete it, XAMLGeek shows how to pull that one off
Retrieving a WebPage Title and Sharing it with the ShareLinkTask in WP7
Michael Crump shows how to getthe page title programmatically for using with the ShareLinkTask
Silverlight Reporting Open Source Printing/Reports Example Updated for Silverlight 5
Pete Brown has an update to his Silverlight Reporting Codeplex project... if you need simple, short, multi-page reporting in SL5, this might be your ticket
How to Show a deleted List Item with a Strike Through in XAML
Derik Whittaker shows how to mark a deleted item in a list with a line-through and give the user undo capability
Part 43 - Windows Phone 7 - DatePicker and TimePicker
In his 43rd WP7 post, Sumit Dutta discusses the Windows Phone Toolkit Date and Time Picker
How to launch Call Task from Secondary Tile in Windows Phone 7
Dhananjay Kumar responds to a reader's question and shows how to launch Call Tasks from Secondary Tiles
Be careful when submitting for Windows Phone Marketplace an app with background music
Oana Csertus talks about why you need to be careful when launching an app with background music, in case there is already music playing
Windows Phone 7.5 - Using advanced tiles API
Andrea Boschin digs into the Tile API and shows how to access and change your tiles

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