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In This Issue: Michael Washington, René Schulte, Senthil Kumar (-2-), Colin Eberhardt, Andy Beaulieu, Eric Vogel, Alnur Ismail, Dhananjay Kumar, Sumit Dutta, Jesse Liberty, and Mark Monster.

Above The Fold:
LightSwitch: "Using the ComponentOne FlexGrid Control in Visual Studio LightSwitch"
Michael Washington
WP7: "FastClick for WP7 ?? Improving Browser Responsiveness for PhoneGap Apps"
Colin Eberhardt
W8: "Building a Windows 8 RSS Reader"
Eric Vogel


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Using the ComponentOne FlexGrid Control in Visual Studio LightSwitch
Michael Washington's latest post is very detailed tutorial on using ComponentOne's FlexGrid Control inside LightSwitch... lots of diagrams and instruction as always
Let me out - Facebook Logout in a Windows Phone App
René Schulte included Facebook in his very cool Pictures Lab WP7 app, Adding it was straightforward, but logging out of Facebook was not... but he's describing the process for all of us.
Windows Phone and PhoneGap - Article #4 - Displaying MessageBox in PhoneGap - Part 1
Senthil Kumar continues his PhoneGap series with a two-part post on displaying MessageBoxes in your WP7 app
Windows Phone and PhoneGap - Article #5 - Displaying MessageBox in PhoneGap - Part 2
Senthil Kumar B's 2nd half of his PhoneGap MessageBox series is on adding in the OK and Cancel buttons we're all accustomed to
FastClick for WP7 ?? Improving Browser Responsiveness for PhoneGap Apps
Colin Eberhardt has a post up about about the WebBrowser control in WP7 and why it is ??unresponsive?? with a pause before link navigation, and an attempt to improve the responsiveness
Physamajig for Windows 8
Andy Beaulieu shows off his entry to the WIndows 8 First Apps Contest... including an update to his Physics Helper XAML project
Building a Windows 8 RSS Reader
Eric Vogel has this article in Visual Studio Magazine demonstrating building a Windows 8 RSS Reader from scratch
How to be ??Styling?? Using CSS3
Alnur Ismail added some cool CSS features to his previous post and is sharing those additions with us in this post
Working with Message Dialog Control in Windows 8 HTML Metro App
Dhananjay Kumar demonstrates building a Message Dialog in a W8 Metro app using WinJS
Part 42 - Windows Phone 7 - Add recently played song to media history
Sumit Dutta's 42nd WP7 post is about storing song information in the media history
Yet Another Podcast #56??Jeff Blankenburg: Evangelist
Jesse Liberty's latest Yet Another Podcast is up, and he's talking to Jeff Blankenburg who is fresh off his 31 Days of Mango blog series
How to cancel (overwrite) a successful Marketplace update submission?
Mark Monster shares a tip that you can try at your own risk for publishing an update after getting your app accepted

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