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In This Issue: Gill Cleeren, Dhananjay Kumar (-2-), Sumit Dutta, Derik Whittaker, Andrew Duthie, Antoni Dol, Tony Champion (-2-), Beth Massi, Kunal Chowdhury, Michael Washington, and Colin Eberhardt.

Above The Fold:
HTML5: "Exploring HTML5 Canvas: Part 1 - Introduction"
Andrew Duthie
Silverlight 5: "6th Day of Silverlight : Binding in Style Setters"
Tony Champion
LightSwitch: "Beginning LightSwitch Part 4: Too much information! Sorting and Filtering Data with Queries"
Beth Massi


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Slides and demos of my MSDN webinar on Silverlight 5
Gill Cleeren posted all his material from his MSDN webinar on Silverlight 5 on his site... demos too!
How to check application returning from dormant state in Windows Phone 7
Dhananjay Kumar Discusses Fast Application Switching, the Dormant state, and the Tombstoned state, and how to detect which your app is returning from to know how to respond
Video on How to work with Live Tiles in Windows Phone 7
Dhananjay Kumar also has a video tutorial up on working with Live Tiles in WP7
Part 35 - Windows Phone 7 - Culure
In his 35th WP7 post, Sumit Dutta digs into Region and Culture information in WP7, and has code to display the Culture info at runtime.
Building Async WCF Services in Silverlight with Channelfactory
Derik Whittaker shows how to use the Async Pattern while creating your WCF Operation Contract to allow it to play nice with Silverlight
Exploring HTML5 Canvas: Part 1 - Introduction
In his latest post, Andrew Duthie explains and investigates the HTML5 canvas... looks like he is beginning a series, would be a good one to follow
Typography in Silverlight 5
Antoni Dol's latest post is on the Typography features new to Silverlight 5... just check out the graphic at the top of his post then read on and find the XAML for creating that image
5th Day of Silverlight: Text Improvements
Tony Champion's Day 5 on his quest for the 12 Days of Silverlight (5) is up and he's talking about Text: Clarity, Character Spacing, and Line Spacing
6th Day of Silverlight : Binding in Style Setters
In Day 6, Tony Champion gets into Binding in style setters, and proceeds to build a small skin class to update a style value at run-time... good explanation and discussion
Beginning LightSwitch Part 4: Too much information! Sorting and Filtering Data with Queries
Beth Massi's latest offering in her LightSwitch tutorial series is up and is a big ol tutorial on Queries and using the Query Designer
What is the Lifecycle of Windows 8 Metro Style Application?
Kunal Chowdhury's latest is a post describing not only the lifecycle of a Metro app but a description of each of the states your app can be in
Trying To Put A Horseshoe On A Car
In this discussion post, Michael Washington responds to a comment from a reader and talks through some LightSwitch issues
A Metro Themed PowerPoint Template
Not quite Metro, but Colin Eberhardt produced a Metro template for PowerPoint... fun stuff, and definitely more modern than the 'standard' ones

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