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In This Issue: Caio Proiete, Alex Golesh, Senthil Kumar B, Dennis Doomen, WindowsPhoneGeek, Daniel Vaughan, David Isbitski, WindowsPhoneGeek, Joost van Schaik , Jesse Liberty, Rick Muszynski and Patrik Lundberg, Gill Cleeren, Jeremy Foster, Bernardo Zamora , Morten Nielsen,

Above The Fold:
WP8: "What's New in Windows Phone 8 (2 out of 8)-Lock Screen"
Alex Golesh
WP8 Mapping: "Introducing the new Windows Phone 8 Map control"
Joost van Schaik
Unsnap WinApps: "Try Unsnap"
Jeremy Foster


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From WindowsDevNews:

Get the network machine name in a Windows Store app
Following his post on getting the app version number, Caio Proiete continues this time with getting the Network Machine name
What's New in Windows Phone 8 (2 out of 8)-Lock Screen
Did you know you could post some info from your app to the WP8 lock screen? WP8 wizard Alex Golesh demonstrates that here
5 Cool JavaScript IDE's
Senthil Kumar B reports back his findings on what he considers the 5 coolest JS IDEs out there. OK I'll admit, I hadn't heard of any of them... all good info
The all new coding guidelines for C# 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 have been published
Dennis Doomen provides us with some bed-time reading with an update to the C# Coding Guidelines on CodePlex
How To Install Windows Phone Toolkit - October 2012 (8.0 SDK) via NuGet
WindowsPhoneGeek provides not only instructions on where to get and how to install the WP8 SDK, but good info on NuGet if you're not on-board that one yet
Resolving the Issue: Windows Phone Emulator wasn't able to connect to the Windows Phone operating system
Daniel Vaughan explains his way out of a networking issue that kept him from using the WP8 emulator... maybe it'll help you out as well
Developing Games for Windows 8
David Isbitski reports that the "Generation App" process now includes a track for game development... get your game idea up in 30 days with tons of resources!
How to use AddressChooserTask and SaveContactTask in Windows Phone 8
WindowsPhoneGeek goes into detail on working with contacts and address manipulation using the WP8 tasks
Introducing the new Windows Phone 8 Map control
Joost van Schaik waxes poetic about the new map control in WP8 but also gives some good coding info for you looking for a place to begin... tons of code and explanation plus a sample solution to download
Creating A Windows 8 Application From Scratch
Jesse Liberty, Phil Japiske, and Michael Crump embarked in November to create 3 related apps: Windows 8 versions in XAML/C# and HTML5/JS, and a WP8 version... this is the beginning post
User experience integration testing for Windows 8 apps
Rick Muszynski and Patrik Lundberg discuss the user experience of WinApps and some of the things your app needs to be able to handle
Connecting Windows 8 applications with services: Part 5: Integrating with public APIs such as Facebook and Twitter
Gill Cleeren's 5th part of his series covers lashing Facebook or Twitter up to your WinApp using OAuth
Try Unsnap
Jeremy Foster has a quick on-liner that is a gem... get your app out of snap mode programmatically... for just when you need to!
Increase monetization by adding in-app purchase to your apps
Bernardo Zamora discusses in-app purchases in general then goes on to show how you can add it into your app, including code
The Windows Phone Quirks Mode And 3rd Party Libraries
Morten Nielsen discusses quirks mode for your WP7.1 vs WP8 apps and what you have to watch for if you exit quirks mode by upgrading, and the even bigger issue with 3rd-party libraries

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