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In This Issue: Senthil Kumar B, Caio Proiete, Dennis Doomen, Alex Golesh, Dave Davis, Michael Washington, Dhananjay Kumar, Sumit Dutta, Tim Heuer, Kirupa Chinnathambi, David Catuhe, Steven Hollidge , Kunal Chowdhury, Frank La Vigne, Iris Classon,

Above The Fold:
Windows 8: "Planning the Windows 8 Cookbook"
Dennis Doomen
WP8: "What's New in Windows Phone 8 (1 out of 8) - Tiles"
Alex Golesh
WinApps: "Controlling The DataTemplate"
Dave Davis
WP8 API: "Complete Windows Phone 8 API QuickStart"
Frank La Vigne


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Get the version number of a Windows Store app
Caio Proiete demonstrates getting the version number of your app for display in the 'about' screen, or for any feedback use... XAML/C# AND HTML/JS... cool
Creating a Windows Store App using HTML, JavaScript and CSS
If you're looking for a post to get you 'off the dime' on building a WinApp using HTML/JS/CSS, look no further, Senthil Kumar B has just that up on his site
Planning the Windows 8 Cookbook
Dennis Doomen has decided to revive the Silverlight Cookbook by rebuilding it as a WinApp, plus host the project on GitHub... this intro post details the things he'd like to use putting it together
What's New in Windows Phone 8 (1 out of 8)-Tiles
As he did with the Win8 Preview, Alex Golesh has another awesome series of posts up on WP8... first up - Tiles
Controlling The DataTemplate
Dave Davis cracked the nut on getting around not having Ancestor binding in Windows 8, and demonstrates this by controlling a data template by the item selection
Allowing Users To Self Register In Your LightSwitch Website
Michael Washington's latest LightSwitch post is on setting up security on a LightSwitch site and how to allow users to self-register if you must.
Creating a round button in CSS 3.0
Dhananjay Kumar's latest post is on creating a round button in HTML5/CSS... pretty darn simple I say!
Part 13 - Windows Store - Navigation using C# and XAML
Sumit Dutta continues his WinApp series with this number 13 on Navigation using C# and XAML
Remote Debugging your Windows Store app on your Surface
Tim Heuer explains how to get your little gem of an app up and running (remotely) on your Surface device
Finding Elements In The DOM Using querySelector
Kirupa Chinnathambi shows how to use the querySelector family of functions to rat around in the DOM much easier than using everything else we've used before
Creating your own file format to import .FBX, .OBJ and .X in your Windows 8 modern UI game (or 3D engine)
David Catuhe proposes offine parsing for 3D files to generate a complete in-memory ofject model based on the file content
Running Python in Silverlight
Steven Hollidge has an interesting post up on running a Python script served up from a service inside his Silverlight app... interesting solution to the problem!
How to Retrieve Remaining Battery Status of WP8 Programmatically?
Kunal Chowdhury shows how to get the battery status of your user's WP8 device and cautions that this method is not available for WP7
Complete Windows Phone 8 API QuickStart
Frank La Vigne posted a link to an awesome WP8 API PDF file ... bookmarking that on
Example Windows Store App /WinRT: Adding and using Bing Map
Iris Classon gives the intro to using Bing Maps in your WinApp.

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