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In This Issue: Marden Rodrigues, Dave Davis, Sumit Dutta (-2-), Steven Hollidge, Andrew Duthie (-2-), Filip Skakun, Kelly Marsh, Dhananjay Kumar, Jason Farrell, and Jake Sabulsky.

Above The Fold:
Silverlight: "Silverlight OverlapStackPanel "
Steven Hollidge
Windows 8: "W8WIL #2: Declaratively Specifying an ItemTemplate in a Fragment"
Andrew Duthie


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

Microsoft Press has a great offer up - Free ebook: Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (First Preview)

Senthil Kumar B announced a GiveAway – Win a Free Copy of Packt’s Windows Identity Foundation eBook

Laurent Bugnion posted about his latest releast: #mvvmlight V4 for Windows 8 RP is available

Fatih Boy's latest Enterprisecoding Newsletter is up

Shawn Wildermuth's New Pluralsight Course on Debugging Web Sites is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Windows 8 in the Enterprise
Dave Davis takes a shot at explaining why he thinks Windows 8 is Enterprise Ready... check it out and let him know if you agree or not.
LightSwich Sample Menu
Marden Rodrigues didn't produce a tutorial like Michael Washington usually has on his site, but he did provide a complete project of a LightSwitch app with a menu he created plus a video of it running.
Part 98 - Windows Phone - RichTextBox
Sumit Dutta's 98th WP7 post is about displaying RichText in your WP7 app
Silverlight OverlapStackPanel
Steven Hollidge explores overlapping, rotating, and offsetting items within a StackPanel in Silvelright 5... cool effect... oh, and the project is downloadable :)
Designing Metro style: Being the Best on Windows 8
Andrew Duthie has a good read up on Metro Design... or Designing for Metro... in other words... spending some time up front...
Visual Studio 2012 - ALL CAPS vs. Old Style
Filip Skakun tested out a registry hack by a Visual Stuio ALM MVP (Richard Banks), and displays VS2012 with and without the SHOUTING MENU... interesting... what do you think?
How to make your Web pages communicate more effectively
Kunal Chowdhury turns his blog over to Kelly Marsh for this 7-tip expose on getting your web pages to communicate more effectively
Learn jQuery Part3: How to Filter in jQuery
Dhananjay Kumar has part 3 of his jQuery seris up... this time out he's talking about the various filters functions available ... lots of code examples to play with
Introduction to KnockoutJS
Jason Farrell starts this post way before Knockout, and explains his way into the need for it, making you want to keep going... and with good reason! ... lots of good information and a good introlduction
What's changed for app developers since the Consumer Preview
Jake Sabulsky goes into a fair amount of detail on differences from Windows 8 CP to RC, including how to get your CP apps running in RC
Part 99 - Windows Phone - Consume JSON Service
In Sumit Dutta's 99th WP7 post, he's consuming a JSON service in a WP7 app
W8WIL #2: Declaratively Specifying an ItemTemplate in a Fragment
Andrew Duthie continues with is "What I've Learned" series on W8 ... with this tip on declaratively associating an ItemTemplate for a ListView inside a page fragment

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