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In This Issue: Hans Fjällemark, Filip Skakun, Steven Hollidge, Michael Crump, Jason Farrell, Kunal Chowdhury, Keith Patton, and Gill Cleeren.

Above The Fold:
WinRT/XAML: "WinRT XAML Toolkit is Growing"
Filip Skakun
Windows 8: "Unblock Files in Windows 8 using PowerShell and Registry"
Michael Crump
Windows 8/XAML: "Windows 8 and the future of XAML Part 6: Tiles, toasts and badges"
Gill Cleeren


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

Dan Wahlin posted about some excellent Free XNA Game Programming and Windows Phone 7 Events in Arizona in May

Peter Kuhn announced Version 2 of YLAD released

From WindowsDevNews:

WinRT XAML Toolkit is Growing
Filip Skakun reports an update of his WinRT XAML Toolkit on codeplex... check out the list of Controls, Converters, Extensions, and VisualTreeHelpers in addition to the 'likely Additions'
Lost in Context
Hans Fjällemark has a pretty interesting JavaScript post up with some frank comments about his experiences.
PDFs in Silverlight
Steven Hollidge talks about producing and printing PDFs from Silverlight in his latest post... the trick is the WebBrowser control that is going to want to be run OOB
Unblock Files in Windows 8 using PowerShell and Registry
Another tidbit from the guy that solved my VS2010 Toolbox loading problem: Michael Crump with this gem for adding an "Unblock Files" menu item to the shell file menu
Getting Started with Metro-Repository and Display (p2)
Jason Farrell has part 2 of his Getting Started with Metro series up .. this time Mocking up a repository and populating a GridView, plus an update for the previous post
How to Compose SMS in WP7 using the SmsComposeTask
In this post, Kunal Chowdhury shows how to programmatically create an SMS programmatically
Windows Phone Background Agent - Resolving Dependencies on Unsupported APIs with existing libraries
Keith Patton talks about Background Agents and the restrictions their use forces upon you.
Windows 8 and the future of XAML Part 6: Tiles, toasts and badges
Gill Cleeren has Part 6 of his Windows 8/XAML series up and is talking about tiles: Basic, Secondary, Live, and Notification... all good stuff

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