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In This Issue: Michael Washington, Senthil Kumar B, John Papa, David Catuhe, Jose Fajardo, Laurent Bugnion, Tim Heuer and Morten Nielsen, Shawn Wildermuth, Dave Isbitski, Kunal Chowdhury, Jason Farrell, Alexander Viken, and Colin Eberhardt.

Above The Fold:
LightSwitch: "Using Visual Studio LightSwitch To Orchestrate A Unity 3D Game"
Michael Washington
toastr: "Simple JavaScript Notifications with toastr"
John Papa
Metro: "Metro design inspiration"
Laurent Bugnion
JQM Mobile Metro: "Introducing the jQuery Mobile Metro Theme"
Colin Eberhardt


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

How to Create Splash Screen in Windows Phone ?
Senthil Kumar B discusses 2 ways to make a splash screen for your WP7 app, but the most fun one is the animated one
Using Visual Studio LightSwitch To Orchestrate A Unity 3D Game
Michael Washington has another great tutorial up.. using LightSwitch as a game monitor for a Unity 3D game... pretty cool
Simple JavaScript Notifications with toastr
John Papa and Hans Fjällemark are collaborating and one of the first things to pop out to us is toastr... a really nice JS toast notification library available on github.
How to cook a complete Windows 8 application with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript in a week - Day 3
David Catuhe has the 3rd part of his Metro/CSS/JS app up, dealing with Search, Share, and File picking contracts and Live/Secondary tiles
'XamlUIPresenter' , what are you ? :)
Jose Fajardo rats deep into Blend for XAML Metro apps to try to get a handle on XamlUIPresenter... lots of info and stay tuned as he continues to play with this
Metro design inspiration
Laurent Bugnion has a Metro design language post up talking about the history of Metro and the what/why of it... just in time for me to use for a presentation I'm giving :)
Callisto library for Windows 8 XAML applications on GitHub
Davide Zordan posted about Tim Heuer and Morten Nielsen's collaboration on Callisto, a library for Windows 8 XAML apps
Modern Web Development - Part 9
Shawn Wildermuth posted Part 9 in his series. This part is about handling the Mobile Web, the 3 ways to deal with it, and his ways
Playing Music and Sound Effects in a Windows 8 Metro Style App using HTML and JavaScript
Dave Isbitski continues to work with HTML and JS in a Windows 8 Metro game... dealing with music and sound effects this time out including some tips on using SoundJS to avoid cut-off effects
How to Retrieve Email Address in WP7 using the EmailAddressChooserTask
Continuing his WP7 email investigation, Kunal Chowdhury talks in this post about retrieving email addresses from the contact list
Getting Started with Metro - A Twitter Trend Reader (p1)
Jason Farrell talks his way through his learning as he wrote a Twitter Trend reader in Windows 8 Metro... this is the first of a series, and an interesting read
Debugging camera and photo chooser on Windows Phone
Alexander Viken talks through why normal WP7 debugging doesn't work for camera or photo chooser and how to get that all setup to work
Introducing the jQuery Mobile Metro Theme
Colin Eberhardt investigates JQM (jQuery Mobile Metro) from the MS Open Tech team and how it helps build HTML5-based mobile apps

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