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In This Issue: Pontus Wittenmark (-2-), Kirupa Chinnathambi , Sumit Dutta, Ruben Rios, Steven Hollidge , Anthony W. Jones, Jose Fajardo, David Rousset, Nigel Sampson, Mike Taulty, Paul Sheriff, and Jesse Liberty.

Above The Fold:
Silverlight: "Silverlight 5 Validation "
Steven Hollidge
Value Converters: "A Generic Boolean Value Converter"
Anthony W. Jones
Metro/HTML: "How to create a small RSS reader for Windows 8 in HTML5 Metro in 30 minutes (part 1/2)"
David Rousset
Metro/XAML: "GridView Control in Windows 8"
Jesse Liberty


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

TechDays demo: Windows 8 list controls
Pontus Wittenmark has all the code up for a Windows 8 example of working with all the list controls
TechDays demo: Windows 8 metro with ASP.NET Web API & EF
Pontus Wittenmark has another WIndows 8 demo up, using EF, exposing it through the ASP.NET Web API and consumed from the client. The client then persists the results to roaming storage and 'integrates' it into Windows 8 by implementing the Search contract.
Rounding Numbers in JavaScript
Kirupa Chinnathambi has an interesting post up about rounding numbers in JavaScript... even if you think you know this... check it out.. I think you'll find some surprises
Part 85 - Windows Phone - Tilt effect on HubTile and other Controls
Sumit Dutta demonstrates taking the Tilt effect into the HubTile, image, and textblock
Designing app bars for HTML Metro style apps using Blend and the WinJS AppBar control
Ruben Rios demonstrates using Blend to add an app bar to an HTML app, changing placement, adding content, creating a button... all good stuff
Silverlight 5 Validation
Steven Hollidge has a great tutorial up on using INotifyDataErrorInfo for validation... check out the 'Tricks' section to see what all he's covering... explanation, all the code, and a live demo
A Generic Boolean Value Converter
If you haven't already stumbled upon doing this, Anthony W. Jones has a write-up on creating a generic Boolean to value converter and letting the value be specified in XAML
Custom Effects - Ripple Effect (Pixel Shader)
Jose Fajardo continues discussing 'effects' with this post on HLSL and building a ripple effect... check out the demo video and grab the source
How to create a small RSS reader for Windows 8 in HTML5 Metro in 30 minutes (part 1/2)
This great tutorial by David Rousset was originally in French. My link is a Google translated version... very nice Windows 8 RSS reader done in HTML5 and JS... this is part 1 of 2
Metro Theme Resources and Templates
Nigel Sampson has a quick post up explaining where to find the resource dictionaries for metro themes... always a good source of information
Windows 8 Metro Style - Bits of Binding
Mike Taulty has a big ol' post up developing a Metro app in both HTML and XAML, with both projects available for download... good for comparison!
Dynamic Search with LINQ, the Entity Framework and Silverlight - Part 2
Paul Sheriff revisited his previous post of a similar name and re-wrote the app using lambda expresssions instead of SQL strings
GridView Control in Windows 8
Jesse Liberty tackles the GridView control in WIndows 8 this time out... in typical Jesse fashion... lots of info, lots of code

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