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In This Issue: Michael Washington, Senthil Kumar B, John Papa, Michael Palermo, Andy Wigley, Derik Whittaker, Sumit Dutta, Dan Wahlin, Joanna Mason, Shawn Wildermuth, Beth Massi, Karl Shifflett, Joe McBride, and David Catuhe.

Above The Fold:
LightSwitch: "Shape Your LightSwitch OData Using WCF RIA Services"
Michael Washington
WP7: "What happens to network calls when your WP7 app goes dormant?"
Andy Wigley
WinRT: "Working with Image Paths in WinRT-Something odd here "
Derik Whittaker
Code Signing: "Coding Signing Internal Applications and a Gotcha"
Karl Shifflett


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Shape Your LightSwitch OData Using WCF RIA Services
Michael Washington's latest LightSwitch tutorial is on using WCF RIA Services as a nice solution to grouping and totaling across Entity collections.
Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone - Article #7 - Using Custom Objects in RadAutoCompleteBox
Senthil Kumar B has number 7 in his WP7 and Telerik tools post up... this one about getting custom objects in the RadAutoCompleteBox
New Article on JsRender Templating
John Papa's Client Insight column is ready for reading and is on JsRender... the successor to jQuery templates... read the intro then the full article
JavaScript RegEx Pattern for URLs
Michael Palermo's latest post is a RegEx pattern for extracting any URL beginning with http:
What happens to network calls when your WP7 app goes dormant?
Andy Wigley discusses a very interesting question... Networking calls and the Dormant State... and the answer isn't nice... so he created a Networking Class that recovers from Dormatn and Tombstoned
Working with Image Paths in WinRT-Something odd here
Derik Whittaker spent some time coming up with the right combination of code to get image binding to work in a WinRT app... check out what his solution was
Part 81 - Windows Phone - Dynamic Hubtile
Sumit Dutta continues discussing HubTiles with this post on creating and adding an event to a HubTile dynamically
jQuery Tip #7 - Consolidating jQuery Ajax Calls
Dan Wahlin has his jQuery Tip number 7 up... discussing consolidating Ajax calls using JavaScript patterns, and uses the awesome Account At a Glance app as an example
Mysteries of XDesProc:Revealed!
Joanna Mason discusses the changes to blend that isolates the designer and what that means to us as Metro app authors
Does Silverlight Matter to Windows Phone 8?
Shawn Wildermuth gives his thoughts on the future of phone development and how it relates (maybe) to Win8
LightSwitch Companion Client Examples using OData
Beth Massi has a LightSwitch post up giving links to a bunch of good OData and LightSwitch examples.
Coding Signing Internal Applications and a Gotcha
Karl Shifflett has a great post up on code signing internal apps including a good external link to technet for creating a cert, plus the 2-hour gotcha that you're going to hit when you do your release build
Building Windows 8 Metro Applications with C# and XAML - Slides & Demos
Joe McBride posted the materials from his Utah .NET User Group meeting... Metro/XAML demo apps...
Unleash the power of HTML 5 Canvas for gaming
David Catuhe has a very nice HTML 5 Canvas gaming post up showing how to optimize the code to get some performance out of it

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