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In This Issue: Andrea Boschin, Gill Cleeren, Daniel Vaughan, Bill Simser, Ollie Riches, Jan Hannemann, Kevin Michael Woley, Yasser Makram, Filip W, Sumit Dutta, Pete Brown, Jesse Liberty, and Kunal Chowdhury.

Above The Fold:
T4/WP7: "Using T4 to Generate Windows Phone WMAppManifest Files"
Daniel Vaughan
Windows 8: "Add shutdown, reboot to Windows 8 WinX menu"
Jan Hannemann
Silverlight 5: "Workaround for CA0055 Error with Silverlight Projects in Visual Studio 2010"
Pete Brown


Michael Palermo's latest Desert Mountain Developers is up

Michael Washington's latest Visual Studio #LightSwitch Daily is up

From WindowsDevNews:

Windows 8 and the future of XAML: Part 5: More contracts in WinRT/Windows 8
Gill Cleeren's Part 5 of his Windows 8/XAML series is up at SilverlightShow... up this tie is the Share Contract... good, that one gave me fits the first time ...
Windows 8 Metro: Starting your first App from scratch
Andrea Boschin continues discussing Metro/XAML with this post about builidng an app from scratch... getting around inside VS11, the projects, and the files they create
Using T4 to Generate Windows Phone WMAppManifest Files
Daniel Vaughan explains how he uses T4 to generate his WMAppManifest file to avoid having multiple versions of the same app to keep track of
Farseer tutorial for the absolute beginners
Bill Simser steps way back to the beginning for this intro into Farseer Physics... not up on it yet, here's a good place to start
Chocolatey makes installing easy...
Ollie Riches is going on about "Chocoloatey" ... never heard of it... but it certainly looks interesting, and if Ollie is using it, what the hey... give it a try!
Add shutdown, reboot to Windows 8 WinX menu
Too cool, Jan Hannemann shows how to put shutdown and reboot into the Windows 8 menu
Creating a great tile experience (part 1)
Kevin Michael Woley codes up a solution for getting polling notifications to update the tile while your app is not running, and how to update it when it IS running
PRI Files Deep Dive - Building Global Windows 8 Metro XAML Apps Part 3
Yasser Makram has been discussing localization in the previous editions of this series, this time out he's going into detail on the pri files, how to inspect their structure, and how to unit test resources
Your own sports news site with ESPN API and Knockout.js
Filip W discusses using the new ESPN API and Knockout.js to build your own custom sport site ... I'm liking this a lot... I'm thinking a cycling app
Part 80 - Windows Phone - Hubtile
Sumit Dutta's 80th WP7 post is about the Hubtile from the toolkit, providing animation and text and/or image
Workaround for CA0055 Error with Silverlight Projects in Visual Studio 2010
Pete Brown has a workaround if you're referencing SL4 DLLs in your SL5 app and having a certain type of issue that he explains and then tries to show how to reproduce the problem and the workaround of course :)
Here comes Windows 8
Jesse Liberty's starting to dig into W8, and this post has tons of external links and good information about getting started on the same path... this can only lead to a bunch of great Windows 8 posts... bring it on, Jesse!
How to Call a Number in WP7 using the PhoneCallTask
Have a need to have your WP7 app place a call programmatically? Kunal Chowdhury explains how to do just that in this WP7 post

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